Thanks for looking at nukefreeworld. Most people donıt. They are in a state of denial, hoping that somehow the dangers of nuclear weapons will go away. In this site we try to provide accurate information from the perspective of the future of Life on Earth.

The world conference on Catastrophic Humanitarian Harm in Norway, March 2013, with 127 nations in attendance, made it very clear that even a relatively small nuclear exchange would threaten life around the Earth. The hu ge cloud of debris in the upper atmosphere would travel the world, blotting out the sun and ruining crop production in many nations, causing a "Nuclear Winter" of widespread famine while spreading toxic radioactive fallout.

Even as this ultimate threat becomes clear, many of the nuclear weapons nations are "modernizing" their weapons and delivery systems.  In the U.S., for example, the nuclear warheads budget request for 2013 within the Department of Energy has increased to more than $7.6 billion. (You know, of course, that a billion is a way of saying 1,000 million -- if that helps.) There are also plans to modernize our nuclear-armed missiles, planes and submarines for hundreds of billions more.

While some weapons and missiles have been dismantled since the end of the Cold War, Russia and the United States still have 1,810 deployed strategic warheads targeted on each other and able to be launched in minutes -- an invitation to world catastrophe. Considering all the things that could go wrong with the weapons control systems, the people who operate them, natural events, war and the hacking of control systems, living with this danger for decades after the Cold War, is to accept an irrational and unnecessary risk to Life on Earth. 

Because the immense destructive power of nuclear weapons makes them indiscriminate killers, and their complexities require the facilities of governments to develop and maintain them, their use by any nation would, by definition, constitute a Crime Against Humanity. The nuclear nationsı budgets for nuclear weapons "modernization" suggests a willingness  to maintain these criminal weapons in operational condition into the distant future.

What Could Happen

Scientists now tell us that the Chernobyl disaster with its extensive radioactive fallout across Europe contributed to the death of an estimated one million people.

The damaged  No.4 reactor at the Fukushima plant contains a huge amount of spent fuel rods. If they should be without cooling water for any reason, they would burst into a nuclear fire that could spread many times the radioactivity produced by Chernobyl.

If there were to be a nuclear war, the radioactive fallout would not be confined to one nation or to one continent, it would circle the globe. Thus the nine nuclear weapons nations threaten the health and lives of billions of people around the Earth. As careful as we may be, there is no way to make nuclear weapons or nuclear reactors safe. We must face the fact that the widespread use of uranium and other radioactive elements threaten the future of Life on Earth.